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When and Where Did I Take This Photo?

Okay, so you love taking pictures. Pictures allow us to capture wonderful moments in time. Picture taking is easy. Just point and click. Right? But what about organizing all those photos for later use. Now that’s something different.

PhotoStamper – What it Does

The PhotoStamper is a simple app designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices and allows you to stamp photos with the following information:

1/ Title – Custom text that you can stamp on your photo.
2/ Place – Custom field to mention the place where the photo was taken.
3/ GPS Location – The GPS location where the photo was taken.
4/ Time Stamp – Date/Time at which the photo was taken.

The Smart Place List option displays all places that have been previously saved for a single GPS location.

Simple and Easy to Use

– Select photo to be stamped
– Select stamp options
– Stamp the photo
– Save it or even email it… it’s that simple!

Get organized with PhotoStamper and click away!